Welcome back to another chapter of the archives. In this interview, my guest was Andy Johnson of AndX Entertainment. We’ve worked together for a while now and become good friends.

Join us as we discuss smart team strategies to create and mobilize innovative solutions, navigate challenges faster, and pivot on a dime.

How did Andy stop working in his business and start working in it instead?

Yeah, so I was working 80+ hours per week after I took the full entrepreneur plunge. I had let go of a marketing manager position at an internet company. I didn’t want there to be a ceiling that I hit and can’t break through.

Since then, I got in this state where I felt I had to do so much more in order to have the growth and have the company that I wanted to sustain.

But I’ve learned it’s not about necessarily doing more things, it’s about doing the right things.
I’ve focused on the structure of our business and what our core offer is. Now that I’m not putting myself in that technical role, it’s been able to really help us elevate as a business.
I’m now down to a 55 hour work week, which for me is a huge deal and it’s continually getting better and better. The fact that I can leave my office before six o’clock and check out for the rest of the night.

It has been a huge shift in my mentality. Instead of just piling up a stack of all these things, we have to be strategic.

We only have a few hours every day. What’s my focus? What’s my number one priority that I have to get done? It’s amazing how I’m able to do more even though I’m not working as much.
It’s so nice to come and I don’t walk in the door and think about how many problems I have to solve. It’s more like “what do I get to work on today?”

I have my own identity and focus again, rather than just feeling like I’m a victim in my own business.

Thank you for that Andy. There’s indeed so much to go around. There’s not a shortage of opportunity. And as long as we’re making the time count for what we’re doing, we’ll always be able to have more of that.

Watch the full interview and hear more of Andy’s story about the importance of building relationships, focusing on value, honing skills, and launching strategically for sustainable growth.

With Gratitude,

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