Hello and welcome once again!

Today in the third message I want to share my turning point, how I met my mentor and started to change my life. 

Often we get running so fast as CEOs and entrepreneurs. We’re going towards that thing that we want, which is a good thing.

However, going too fast causes issues because we end up plowing through things, hurting ourselves and not finding the best direction.

Hiring a mentor is a form of slowing down because it causes pause and it makes you talk about your business and listen to new perspectives. Once I slowed down, it allowed me to see more.

There’s a story I like to share about this. One year, I took my kids to a really big corn maze. It was so big they put a catwalk over it so they could see down into it.

After we finished the maze, I went up on that catwalk, and I could see people getting stuck in the same places we did. If I had a radio, I could have radioed down and told them which way to go.

Maybe you’re thinking that sounds like cheating. Well, in business, don’t we want the fastest paths? It’s kind of like a GPS if you could have someone from an outside perspective looking down on you turn by turn.

In the course of my thirties, I spent over $500,000 on personal growth and development. In contrast to what happened in my twenties, when I lost $4,000,000, that’s one eighth of what I lost, one eighth the investment.

As you go through being a member of our newsletter, my team and I will share skills and things that I learned over the years so that you can have more business and more life. The first thing I had to do was tell myself when to work.

I’m very passionate about what I do, I’m so passionate about helping people have the freedom they desire, but I’m also very passionate about being a father, very passionate about being a husband, a good neighbor, and a friend to all the people that I know.

Maybe you want to travel, maybe you want to do these other things. We have to plan that. So the whole idea is that we design our life and then we build our abundance and our business around that.

There’s lots of ways that we can eliminate things, delegate things and automate things and we have more options than ever before.

Now, what you can expect in this newsletter and our movement is tip after tip, case study after case study, sharing all the learnings we’ve found to gain More Business and More Life in the fastest ways possible. Taking the millions of dollars we invested to learn better ways and the big losses we learned the hard way, to transform our lives and businesses. You can acquire these learnings and more through our newsletter and community.

Tomorrow, I want to tell you the hidden benefits I didn’t even know about. I’m going to share that with you tomorrow. So check in for tomorrow for the fourth message of five out of this series welcoming you to our newsletter.

I’m truly grateful to have you here, I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay?

See you there!

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