Last week, I told you that we had lots of powerful interviews that we have begun pulling out of the archives. And today I’m happy to send you the first one!

This episode is with Becky Parker Geist, and we’re going to reveal how she actually quadrupled her business and was able to maintain growth authentically while supporting others. She was able to help her clients prosper while improving herself and her business. 

Here are some of the key points that Becky utilized to gain a huge advantage for her business:

      • In terms of what is the most important to me and what has always been, I think that’s being consistent, and your family and community. I realized how important it is to reach out, to make those calls, to stay connected with not only our clients, but also other people that I know, community, family. All of that increased. I wasn’t calling to pitch to anybody. I was calling to help people. So it’s partly just reaching out, calling people, and finding out how they’re doing. That also starts coming back. People are emailing me and setting up calls with me.
      • Before I started working with Steve, I was really wearing all the hats, doing all the work itself, as well as doing the sales marketing. You can only go so far as one person when there is a service that’s connected with that. My hours were required in order to generate that income, and I wasn’t able to support myself at that point. I was relying a lot on my husband’s income. There’s a disempowerment that comes with that, a kind of frustration that I was feeling.
      • In the past, I would take any client and what I found is if I took a client and it wasn’t really a perfect fit I thought, either “they really need my help” or “I really need the money.” I always regretted those decisions because we just weren’t a good fit for each other, and I recognized that they should have been working with someone different, and I should have been working with someone different. It’s not anyone’s right or wrong, it’s just a poor fit. So having these genuine conversations allow that whole process to be so much easier.

In summary:

1. Stay connected to your community.

2. Running a business alone has a very low ceiling.

3. Having genuine conversations leads to Wow Clients and working with only Wow Clients leads to success.

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