I’m very excited that the interview we have today is with Bronkar Lee, a really good friend of mine. 

Do you feel like you’ve been in a rut lately? Here is Bronkar’s advice on how to rebound from that and what you need to prioritize:

      • I would say health is number one. That’s got to be the start of everything. So if we’re not in an optimistic state of mind, that’s okay. That’s fine. We don’t have to be, there’s not a rule that says you have to be alright. That’s the thing for me, I’m real. It’s like if you’re in a crap situation, you’re in a crap situation, sometimes it isn’t awesome, I would say to get healthy first, because when our health is strong, when we’re strong, then that affects everything that we do. 

      • Every single thing that we do is an extension of that health. That health. It’s like that essence, right? Everything is a personal essence amplifier. It’s how you play the saxophone, it’s how you do the dishes, it’s how you parent, it’s how you do this. All of that is an extension of your essence, which is an extension of health. You can’t get out of bed and you can’t even do the basics. You can’t do anything for anybody. You can’t parent, you can’t coach, you can’t love, you can’t live, you can’t do anything. So health is number one, and that’s got to be the core man. 

      • It’s not about time management at all. It’s managing your power. It’s about asking yourself, am I choosing to give my power to this thing? Am I choosing to extend my bandwidth to that thing? That’s really what it is. It’s choosing where you’re putting that power. It’s how we can create time, harmony and be aware of where we’re putting it. Having all that awareness is so critical, man. 

I 100% agree with Bronkar, energy is the most valuable thing because even if you have all the time in the world but no energy, then you’re at a loss. There’s nothing that you can do. 

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