Today, I’m so excited to introduce you to Vitalia Fedossova from Aurelius Accounting. She also calls it animal accounting. It’s 95% accounting and 5% animals.


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And now Vitalia is going to breakdown how More Business More Life® helped her made her favorite part of her day:

      • The thing that made the biggest difference in my company is, the thing Steve always teaches, the concept of the wow client and the wow experience and allowing ourselves to find the people we are meant to be helping and embracing them fully in a very real and committed way because we are on the same page. We are each other’s wow people. A big part of that is gratitude, being able to have an experience where we can have gratitude, we can have laughter, we can have fun, we can have all of these things that sometimes we don’t think about in our business, but they actually make everything happen faster because when you’re working with people who are great to work with and you’re laughing, you’re probably getting the work done faster.

      • I got a real taste of my own medicine when I jumped on a call with a new potential client and he was wearing a llama onesie and I didn’t expect it. And we just laughed and laughed and laughed, and that was our very first time seeing each other. And our very first interaction was exploding in laughter. And of course we got into the business, but we had a really good time.

      • There’s actually scientific evidence that shows that laughter and humor speeds up the process of learning. It reduces resistance. Times where you would have to convince people, you don’t have to convince them anymore, you are now part of the same team. It brings people together so much faster. How do we convey that experience in a way that’s fast and efficient? Because we unfortunately don’t have time to go out and frolic with everyone for hours and hours. Sometimes we only have 10 minutes. So how do we take this experience of, “wow, you’re awesome, I really want to work with you”? How do we take that and how do we create that in a 10 minute timeframe that also provides enough structure for work to continue to happen after that? These are some of the frameworks I’m so grateful to have learned from Steve.

      • I think focusing on wow clients is the best way to grow business from my personal experience. They’re really, really excited about working with you, and they’re really excited for what you have to offer, and they’re going to be so thrilled to provide referrals. When you’re really excited to work with them, you’re going to do a fantastic job so they receive 110% of the value that you could provide. And they’re going to pay that forward when they’re providing those referrals. It’s just happening in such an effective and honest way because it’s coming from the true ”wow”, we’re not pretending. We are in the same value stream. As a result, they just bring in more like-minded people. If instead we’re bogged down by ow clients, we end up feeling stressed out and upset, and we’re going to miss those opportunities.

      • I really enjoy going to work. It just makes my day so much fun. Of course, there’s lots of bits that can be very challenging, and accounting by nature has many challenges. So when we also have that joy and the ability to have an awesome experience while also fulfilling our life purpose and our dream, I mean, it’s everything that I ever wanted.

If you want to learn more about Vitalia’s story, go ahead and watch the full episode.


With Gratitude,

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