Yesterday I sent you a message that asked “What if you could have more abundance and work less hours?

I’m not going to repeat all that. If you didn’t catch it, please go to yesterday’s email and look at what I was sharing. I told the story of the last two years of being paralyzed and coming back into health. Since then I’ve been giving some gifts. What I wanted to share with you today is one of those.

I’m going to open up the archives of past interviews with people that we’ve worked with and the life-changing experience that they’ve had.

I’m going to send a few more emails than we normally do, but they’re going to be very powerful emails. So I really encourage you to look at them.

The interviews are with different businesses, different people, men and women that have had some life-changing experiences and been able to change their life moving forward by using some of the things that we are sharing. I want to open that up to all of you so you can just check out these life-changing interviews to hear what other people have done and take some advice from that. 

Here is the link for our More Business More Life special offer that ends on November 3rd. We’re only going to take 12 people at this ridiculously low cost. I’m doing it as a celebration of coming back to help more people have more business and more life.

Whether it’s for you or not, you can go check it out. There’s no fees to apply or even have a phone call with us – myself and my team.

Besides that, you’re going to get some very special emails over the weeks to come sharing some very personal stories with clients, current and past. As always, I wish you so much abundance and blessings in your life today and moving forward. 

With Gratitude,

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