What if you could have more abundance in your life while working less hours?

This was the question I posed to you about a week ago.

Since then I’ve been sharing with you stories from the archives of past clients that have achieved this success that I also have in my life. 

Society has convinced us that we need to work tirelessly for *decades* to earn the freedom we want. Some of us become entrepreneurs to beat this system, only to find ourselves more overworked than in a 9-5! 

What if I tell you that we don’t have to wait until we “earn” that retirement late in life? What if you could live the life you want NOW while creating abundance at the same time? 

It starts with actually designing the life you want to have, now

I’m sending you this message today because the offer to my immediate list is coming to an end. I recorded this video ahead of time, so I don’t know how many spots are left when this gets sent out.

So you’re going to want to apply ASAP. I put a link here to our More Business More Life® program. It’s FREE to apply and you will get a phone call with us –  myself and my team – to see if this is a good fit for you. On top of that, we’re doing it at a fraction of what I used to charge – $20,000, $30,000, or $40,000 – for my high level mentorship.

We’re giving that mentorship for $6,000 and $100 a month thereafter to stay in the legacy program. This special offer is going away on November 3rd, or if we reach 12 people, whichever comes first. This is really a gift, that’s why I want those of you that are on my email newsletter list to have first access to this. If we have any spots left after this, then we will open it up to my social media. We’re NOT going to be advertising for these 12 spots. 

I hope you’ve been enjoying these emails sharing stories and links to the videos of interviews that we’ve done, showcasing the transformation in our clients.

Remember, choose gratitude and create freedom

I look forward to seeing you on the application. Click this link and we have some nice videos for you to watch and learn from and you can put an application in to have a conversation with us. It will cost you nothing and there’s no obligation. If it’s a good fit, then we’ll work together more. If not, that’s okay too. I love you the same. 

With Gratitude,

Apply for one of the last spots of More Business More Life

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