Freedom Council SUMMIT:

Take The Success You Have Had— Multiply It!

12th of June 2019
San Francisco, CA
Kevin Harrington

Our mission is to help 1,000 companies work 40 hours or less per week, while the company has record-breaking results (2x, 3x, 10x…even more!), everyone take more vacations, and enjoy more life-freedom!

The more people around us succeed— the more we succeed. Together, everyone achieves more!

Now, this sounds kind of obvious but think about it…

Most people think working harder is necessary for success. Most people think success is about sacrifice. This is the norm right now.

What if it was normal to succeed without sacrifice? What would it be like to live and operate within that network and community

Our community of executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants have achieved incredible things over the years:

  • Doubling, tripling their income (even more), and reducing their work hours
  • Enjoying, loving, the work they do with fantastic clients (not the ones they have to drag their feet on!)
  • Taking more vacations with their partners, families, friends, and loved ones— all while business continues to grow!
  • Positively impacting hundreds, thousands of lives around the world!

The Freedom Council Summit is your chance to learn and grow from Steve and this community of already succeeding business leaders and entrepreneurs, and take things in your business (and life) to the next level, together! Steve will share and teach how he has grown his business working with only wow clients, while having more family time and travel together. There will also be open frame; a time to ask questions and get specific help around your needs.

We look forward to spending this time with you. Enroll in this special day now.

Bonus When You Register For Freedom Council Summit

Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank will be the keynote speaker

The Event

The C-Suite Network Capital Summit is a one-day event where we will explore how to get the right type of capital for your business — from finding ways to get adequate capital, to how to make an appointment with investors, and keeping more of your money in your pocket, to protect your IP. This event is the place for investors, executives, and entrepreneurs to learn, network and who knows, maybe even close a few deals.

The Capital Summit is aimed to provide you with the tools and strategies needed to deal with rapid business acceleration. Key topics include:

  • Corporate Assets, Finding & Retaining Hero Talent
  • Making Sure You Have the Right Equation for Success
  • Show Me the Money
  • Financial Infrastructure
  • How Diversity Correlates with Cybersecurity
  • Managing the Growth

The Venue

We’re meeting at 906 World Cultural Center, 906 Broadway, San Francisco 94133, a striking event space that is as unique as your business needs.