1hr a day to 6 Figures



How would your business be different if you could fill your roster with *perfect fit* clients during this recession?

Imagine this for a moment…

  • Bringing in enough clients to not only retain your employees, but grow your team to meet the demand
  • Simplifying your lead gen technique so you can spend LESS time finding clients and MORE time enjoying your life
  • Comfortably saying ‘no thanks’ to bad fit clients and only serving clients you LOVE working with
  • Having a sales process that builds genuine relationships, pinpoints perfect-fit clients, and converts like a dream WITHOUT pitching or hard selling

If you’ve already been struggling to sustain your business during the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be hard to imagine.

If I hadn’t faced a massive financial crisis myself (and survived to tell the tale), I wouldn’t think it’s possible either...

But there was a time when I lost almost everything in the 2008 crisis.

I went from a multiple six figure business to having my family of five sleeping on air mattresses in the middle of my sister-in-law's living room.

It felt demoralizing. I could have given up on entrepreneurship and rushed into the first ‘real job’ I could find, ashamed of my ‘failure’.

Instead, I went back to the drawing board to rebuild my business from scratch.

I needed a way to bring in new leads and close sales FAST -- and without dumping money I didn’t have into ads. And what I came up with worked.

The big turning point came when I realized two simple truths:

First, people don’t like being aggressively sold to, especially in recessions.

They want a solution to their problems, not desperate-feeling sales conversations that make them feel hunted like prey.

And second, I couldn’t rebuild my business fast taking bad-fit clients out of desperation. They drained my energy, affected the results I could get them, and slowed down my growth.

With those two ‘a-ha’ moments, I developed a lead generation and sales process called 1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures. And there’s a reason for the name...

This simple system allowed me to book over $250,000 in clients in 90 days, grow my team, and create more freedom within my business.

Whether you're starting at zero or you have a successful business facing new challenges, my 1 Hour a Day to 6 Figure system can help you THRIVE through any crisis.

Read on to discover the simple system waiting to recession-proof your business now and for years to come…

Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

Meet The Entrepreneurs Prospering In A Pandemic With This System

1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures Will Teach You...


Creating a quick influx of clients and revenue is crucial to sustaining your business during difficult times. But most entrepreneurs don’t realize that their lead gen and sales processes are incredibly inefficient. If you’ve ever invested hours upon hours to land a single client, you might be in the same boat.

If you just knew the right steps -- simpler steps -- to implement, you could 10x your results in less time. The 1 Hour A Day system is built on simple, effective, 10 minute calls that authentically get to the heart of your lead’s needs. This saves you the wasted energy and awkwardness of hard selling that only drives them in the opposite direction.

How To Grow Your Business With The Power Of WOW Clients

In a recession, it can feel like any client is a good client...and desperation can lead you to take clients that actually hurt your business. These poor fits drain your energy, affect your results, and can do damage to your reputation.

1 Hour A Day gives you a process that helps you easily pinpoint perfect-fit clients (aka WOW Clients) that increase the four R’s in your business -- Revenue, Results, Referrals & Raving Fans. When you only work with WOW Clients, your business grows exponentially with less effort and more FUN!

How To Stop Wasting Time And Money

You shouldn’t have to drain your bank account just to bring in new revenue. Lead generation campaigns can take weeks to build, which isn’t helpful when you need to boost your income now. Not to mention the cost and confusion of running paid ads and driving traffic.

The 1 Hour A Day system gives you a straightforward alternative that doesn’t require an ad budget to see big results. If you have a phone, you can start implementing the skills you learn immediately to start generating a windfall of sales opportunities in 60 minutes per day!

Transform Your Earning Potential For A Lifetime With These Sales Skills!

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Invest Today...

1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures Course ($2997 value)

This 10-module course gives you all of the step-by-step instruction you need to master sales the authentic way. The best part? My practical formula doesn’t take months or even weeks to learn.

This course gives you actionable steps in short video lessons that fit into your busy schedule, so that you can start creating a windfall of sales opportunities in no time!

Take A Peek At The Daily Modules…

Day 1 — What Is Possible
Day 2 — Future Starts Now
Day 3 — Stages Of The Sale
Day 4 — Call Your Mom
Day 5 — What To Say
Day 6 — Having Fun!
Day 7 — 10 Minute Calls
Day 8 — Discovery Calls
Day 9 — Strategy Sessions
Day 10 — Do or Die

Just invest a little time each day into watching the lessons and implementing what you learn, and watch revenue and WOW Clients flow in...no pitching required!

Hard Copy Book - 1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures ($18 value)

Get your very own hard copy to read, reference, take notes in, and return to for inspiration again and again. Inside, I share my own story of how I used these skills to rebuild my business to 6 figures after losing almost everything in the 2008 crisis. If I could do it in 6 months, you can too!

It’s the perfect sidekick to the video training and coaching you’ll be receiving in this limited time discount package!

BONUS! Live Q+A Call With Steve ($750 value)

Every business is unique, and so are your challenges during this time. That’s why I’m giving you a bonus Q+A call to round out your 1 Hour A Day education. Show up and get answers to your specific questions about applying what you learned in the 10-module course to your business.

I want to make sure you have total clarity on how to take action and start generating revenue with this system. So show up and ask away!

Let’s Review What You Get…

1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures Course ($2997 value)
Hard Copy Book - 1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures ($18 value)
Live Q+A Coaching Call ($750 value)

That adds up to a total value of $3,765! But you won’t be paying that today…

Why? Because I know that when businesses succeed, so do the people they employ and serve. I want YOU to thrive and continue to make an impact at a time when the world needs it most, so you’ll be paying MUCH less today...

Get the entire 1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures learning bundle for this ‘business stimulus package’ price of ONLY $1497...that’s 60% off!

One Final Word Before You Invest…

Make Sure 1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures Will Work For You

I know finances can be tight for entrepreneurs during this time, which is why I want to leave you with this consideration…

The authentic sales techniques you learn in this system are POWERFUL. They work whether you sell products or services. No matter what industry you’re in.

But here’s the catch...they only work if YOU do the work!

I’ve bundled in all of the training and support you need to create a ton of sales opportunities in this recession. I even extended an amazing deal because I want to see entrepreneurs THRIVE and continue to make an impact.

If you have no inclination to implement what you learn, 1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures won’t work for you.

But if you’re ready to do a little learning, take action, ditch pitching, and start selling with genuine conversations...come with me on the journey today!

I can’t wait to help you succeed :)

Lots of love and many hugs during this time,
Steve Napolitan