Today my guest is Becky Parker Geist, a near and dear friend who I’m always glad to talk with.

Have you been planning to call more people on your list or just people you know, but just haven’t gotten around to pressing the call button?

Here’s how Becky went from thinking “when I call people, I’m bugging them” to, “I’m calling them and I’m helping them”:

My dad always felt like he was always bugging people, which of course was speaking to his own self-worth.

I picked up on that and I carried that with me for a good chunk of my life. So the idea of calling people about my business seemed wrong. The change really happened when I was working with Steve on a complete reframe of what I’m doing when I’m calling people. 

I’m not calling them about my business. I am calling them because I can be of help and I love helping people. It took all the pressure off of me. “What am I going to say?” “What if this isn’t a good time?” It might not be, but I don’t have to be afraid to call. I can say, “hey, do you have 10 minutes?”

Some people may feel that they just need any clients. But if you’re calling people and your intention is to find the people that are a good fit for you, humans are sensitive beings and If we start feeling like “they’re just selling to me” we’ll back off. 

I’m also making new friends every time, and yeah, sometimes they’re not a good fit, and that’s okay. 

I compared the first three quarters of 2019 and 2020. My total income is up almost 70%, gross profit is up just over 40%, and my net income is up over 115%.

It comes back to intention. What are your intentions? Why are you in business in the first place?

If you are a sales professional and you still are working hard to avoid these fears, or the fear that someone is going to think you’re taking advantage of them—if those thoughts are popping into your head, you need to reset your intentions and it’ll make things go a lot easier.

Because if your intention is to help the person that you’re talking to, your sales are going to increase.

Reframing this belief helped Becky reach new heights and if you’re curious to learn our structure for 10-minute calls or other techniques you can use to maximize your business efficiency so you have more time for your life, we are offering a free call to any one who fills out this application!

With Gratitude,

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