Today’s guest is Chris West, a really good friend of mine.

With great success can come new problems to tackle — so how do we create more business without sacrificing our lives?

Here’s how Chris started planned his life before his business and is prospering:

Everything is counterintuitive in terms of taking breaks, you get more ideas and the less work you do sometimes the better your work becomes.

I made a spreadsheet where I actually create the exact ideal week and then I share it with my team. I had everyone in our company reshape their ideal week because we’ve just been going nonstop and everyone’s been like, I’m so glad I’m working. You don’t have to wait until you’re successful, you can do it. It sounds counterintuitive, but the happier you are, the better you’ll be at drawing in your ideal clients.

Say you want to make $60,000 a month. Think about what it would feel like to do that. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between if it’s actually happening or not.

Most people think “I can only feel that when I get there.” But it’s not true, you can feel it now. We don’t all have to do it the hard way before we realize we can build our life and then build the business around it. The happier we are, the more our business will grow. That’s absolutely the key.

We cover many more topics in the video interview so watch that if you’re curious to learn more from Chris. You won’t want to miss his how-to tips on cutting costs, adapting to remote work, and increasing profitability by implementing new systems + processes in your business!

With Gratitude,

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