Thursday, October 8th | 2-3:30pm PST | Webcast and Q&A

The Authentic & Ethical Way To Land Clients You LOVE In An Economic Downturn
Without The Pain Of Pitching!
Learn how to generate sales in one hour a day without chasing, convincing, cold calling, or the ‘icky feeling’ of hard sales tactics…
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Secret #1: How to Create More Sales Opportunities in 60 Minutes a Day

Sinking time, energy, and ad spend into chasing and convincing leads is stressful. The simple system I’m teaching allows you to authentically capture leads and sales in just an hour a day. That means more time to live life and wrangle those kids while they’re still home from school.

Secret #2: How to Ditch Pitching for Authentic Conversations That Actually Convert

Pitching and hard sales tactics feel ‘ick’ in an economy like this. I’ll give you my recipe for conducting short, sincere phone conversations that convert leads into longtime customers. Follow this formula and say goodbye to outdated sales methods that exert pressure and reek of desperation.

Secret #3: How To ONLY Work With Who You Want…Even During an Economic Downturn

Any client can seem like a good client when sales are slow…but did you know that ‘wrong fit’ clients can actually do major harm to your business? Learn how WOW Clients superpower your business growth with the four R’s results, revenue, referrals, and raving fans.

You’ll leave this webcast with easy-to-follow action steps you can put to work in your business right away.

No fluff – just a proven system for conversationally generating leads you’ll LOVE working with.

The Economy Is Changing. So Should Your Sales Approach.

A Message From Steve Napolitan

You love your business and want it to succeed through hard times…
…but what if you
don’t love pitching? 

Especially when it feels like now isn’t the most tactful time to be pushing sales.

There is a myth circulating that clients are hard to come by now. 
That selling is too pushy or insensitive for this economic climate. 
That we should send out hugs to our lists and wait for the ‘right time’ to sell again.

If you’ve been concerned that you can’t succeed in sales without being salesy, put those fears to rest. You CAN sell in this economy… 

You just have to put aside the dated tactics that leave people feeling pressured, poached, and put-off. 

Here’s the thing old school sales techniques teach us the only way to sell is to pitch and handle objections, but that’s not true. 

In this free webcast, I’m going to teach you how to create a windfall of sales opportunities through casual, compassionate conversations that…

  • Convert better than any hard pitch could, and in a way that feels great
  • Build authentic relationships that foster incredible lifetime customer value
  • Invite WOW Clients into your business ‘perfect fits’ that energize your growth
  • Only take an hour a day and zero ad spend

Now, just because what you’re going to learn is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful.

Several of my clients are closing their biggest sales in business history with these skills…even during a global crisis and economic recession. 

And these same methods have already proven themselves effective in not-so-distant financial downturns.

In fact, what I’m going to teach you on this webcast allowed me to rebuild my own business in 90 days after I lost nearly everything in the 2008 crisis. Not just to ‘baseline survival’ level, but to multiple six figures.

These sales methods work. And they can work for you, too…

Join me live for the Wow Client Webcast, learn the skills, and leave with an actionable plan to usher in business-sustaining, authentic sales. 

More selling, more serving, more growth with WOW Clients. Let’s do this together!

See You There,

P.S. Have your burning questions and biggest concerns ready, I’ll be answering them live!

They’re Closing Their Biggest Clients In History During a Pandemic With These Skills…

Jim Blachek
Melyssa Barrett
Lester Morales

Meet Your Host: Steve Napolitan

Steve Napolitan is an award winning marketer, placing in the top ten in Marketing Sherpa’s Most Viral Ad in the World Competition. His clientele includes Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab and Nestle, as well as small to mid-sized companies. 

Recently, he took one client from 250k to 2 million.  He helped another shoot from 5 million to 9 million in just the last 18 months. A Billion dollar company reached out to him because they were about to shut down one of its divisions due to a six figure monthly loss. Steve turned that department around to generate over 63 million in annual revenues… And gaining! 

In addition to consulting with clients Steve is a #1 international bestselling author. He has written two books, Capture Clients Close Deals, a simple way to gain clients without convincing or chasing, and 1 Hour a Day to Six Figures, How I went from zero to multiple six figures… and how you can too.