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Our movement is about designing our life and then building our business around that in an abundant fashion.

Many of us, including myself in the past, strive to make money by building our businesses so that we can have our life. Many of us have encountered this, we start achieving this and that, but we tend not to have the life that we want.

Some people I’ve met have given up on the money, so they can have time for their life. They think it’s an “or”. This newsletter is all about having more business and more life at the same time.

I’m Steve Napolitan. I’m the founder of this movement. In this newsletter, we are going to share how we’ve done this over and over, how I’ve personally done it, and how we’ve served many clients this level of success.

We bring in systems to reach millions more in revenue, while helping our clients lower their work hours below 40 hours a week. If you’re thinking “that’s crazy, how do you do that?” That’s exactly what this newsletter is here to answer.

This newsletter will also give you our podcast; The More Business More Life® Podcast.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share how I was able to go from working so hard to achieve something and not finding the way there to being able to make a drastic change and start having more business and more life.

I’m going to share how we did that over the next four emails. Be on the lookout for the email tomorrow where I start explaining exactly what was going on and what I did to make that change.

I’m so glad you chose to be part of this movement.

As I always say, choose gratitude and create freedom, and watch for the email tomorrow where I’ll share even further into these subject matters.

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