Today our guest from the archives is Todd Walker, CEO of Entropic Studios who’s been working with nonprofits for years, E-Corp organizations that are making a difference.

One of the best things I’ve learned from Steve, that I have been putting into practice, is making 10 minute calls to as many people within my community as I can. The biggest benefit for me was the ability to help everyone that I spoke to on the phone. When I say that, I don’t necessarily mean that they became my client and I was being paid to increase their marketing or work on their website or anything like that. If I was asking the correct questions and doing my job at listening, I could actually hear what was challenging them and keeping them from moving forward and then guide them in the right direction. Sometimes that direction included working with me. Because of my experience and my involvement in the community and with referral marketing, I have a lot of resources that I know and trust that I could then hand them off to. So it was really the ability to not only reach out, but to help as many people as I could.

I wasn’t passing up on business because the business wasn’t mine to begin with. They might’ve thought they needed a new website or social media strategy or other digital marketing stuff, but when I actually got down to what their challenges were, that wasn’t always what they needed. Had I not been able to listen and ask those questions to get deeper into their challenges, I wouldn’t have been able to hand it off to another trusted resource, whether that was SEO or digital video or Facebook ads, things that I know other people specialize in.

This new process that I’ve been practicing for about a year is these 10 minute calls and really trying to reach out to my client list and the contacts in my phone. As I’m going through this list, I’m able to help way more people if I’m doing six of those in an hour, rather than only being able to do one previously. 

This has enabled me to:

A: Find more of the clients that are a good fit;
B: Help those clients that aren’t a good fit for me find a good fit.

So it’s a win-win for everybody. It’s been an amazing thing for my business and myself to have a sales process like that I could follow that will not only help me find the clients that I want to work with, but also help other people who aren’t even going to be my clients.

Thanks for that Todd. One of my favorite ways to build rapport is by starting a conversation, and then listening to what they’re saying. You want to put your attention on the individual that you’re potentially going to work with and find out what their deepest pain is and what their deepest desire is. Not just on a surface level way and this requires asking the right questions.

After you hang up that 10 minute call, whether you’re going to work with them or not, they’re still going to leave with something that’s of value.

I hope you enjoyed this advice from Todd, and remember, choose gratitude and create freedom.

With Gratitude,

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