Today’s interview is with one of my clients, Nolan Lowry. He’s the founder and CEO of Resonate Digital and a good friend of mine..

Here’s how Nolan learned to manage his and his team’s workload to be more efficient which allowed him to work ON the business instead of in it:

I had a bad habit, and I still fall into this sometimes, of always promising that we’d get stuff done for clients before they needed it. It was just a way for me to try to make them happy. But when did they really need it? You have to find that out because if you’re thinking they need it in two days and really two weeks is fine, then you’re just putting undue pressure on yourself.

There were a whole slew of problems that were really mitigated by taking the time to commit to a team meeting. Whether you’re doing that once a week or twice a week, you take a step back from all the deliverables and you say, okay, what’s most important to do now? How can we approach each of those things in the simplest, easiest way possible? How can we manage and map out people’s time so that they’re most effective and not feeling overwhelmed? 

Instead of always being in that panicked space, you’re a week or two ahead of what needs to be done and everyone can just breathe a little bit and enjoy it. We don’t have to set artificial deadlines so that we drive ourselves absolutely nuts,  just take a deep breath, relax. Things are going to all work out as long as we stay focused on helping people. Really, that’s what it comes down to when we’re working with the right people and we can help people, then everybody wins.

Adapting your business’s systems and processes to serve clients more efficiently will also serve you in the long run. Working more ON the business will help you have more time to enjoy life.

If you’re curious about other facets of Nolan’s success then I urge you to go ahead and watch the full interview. We went over a lot of important topics and I know you’ll find more things that can help your business.

With Gratitude,

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