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Design your Life, then Build your Business around that.
Join the thousands who are having More Business More Life® today!


This program is for Founder/CEO’s that have built a successful business, typically one to fifty million in annual revenue. The challenge is, while achieving this, they either lost or didn’t find the lifestyle they desired. It’s like building a treadmill and getting up to level 10 speed, as was the dream, only to find you don’t know how to get off, safely, without breaking what you’ve built. 

Believe me, I know. I did the same exact thing. The bigger it got, the more revenue, the bigger the clients… you name it… all lead to more work, not relief. It took me decades, losses in the millions of dollars, fights with my family, and loss of my health, for me to change my ways. 

I learned a lot from experiencing what not to do. I also paid amazing coaches, consultants, teachers and mentors. I read lots of books, attended many seminars and started meditating (listening deeper to my own inner voice). I spent another decade learning and growing with help. 

Now, we’ve been able to take all this experience and help many Founder/CEO’s and Entrepreneurs, grow their businesses further, MORE BUSINESS, while working less, MORE LIFE and ending the sacrificing that became the normal routine. 

It’s about introducing the right systems in your business that allows you to bring MORE revenue while you…

We’re going to completely revolutionize your business, marketing, and sales systems over 5 days of hands-on workshops. You’ll leave with a clearly defined plan that you can start implementing right away!

There has never been a better time to invest in your business and your life…

I am now called to help as many people gain the freedom they desire. Join me for this incredible event and make this the year that changes everything!

To Your Future,

Choose Gratitude, Create Freedom


Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants
who want to exponentially grow their revenue while making a difference in the world.

Business Owners
who not only want to survive the current economy, but thrive in it.

C-Level Executives
who want to level up without sacrificing their passions and personal life.

Successful Workaholics
looking to trade the relentless daily grind for a business that factors freedom into the earning equation.


Daily Workshop Summary

This isn’t your average event… 

More Business More Life® is designed to bring you hands-on learning. Instead of lectures, you’ll be taking part in interactive workshops, group exercises, daily Q+A’s, and guided work sessions. We’ll be designing your business and life in real time during the event…so you can leave with a plan to implement immediately!

DAY 1: Core Purpose + Vision

Connect With Your Core Purpose

Every business starts with its WHY. When you’re aligned with your core purpose, you invite abundance into your life and business! This workshop will help you tune into your inner voice and re-align yourself with your true nature and purpose with powerful writing and sharing exercises

Goal-ify Your Dreams

In the bustle of the daily business grind, so many entrepreneurs forget to dream. It’s time to get reacquainted with your vision for your ideal life! This workshop sets the stage for the rest of the event…you’ll set your specific goals and action steps now so you can have results BEFORE you leave.

The ‘MORE’ Mindset

What mindset traits drive success in business and life? Learn how to upgrade your mindset and break dated paradigms like “no pain no gain”…so you can invite more abundance into your life without suffering and sacrifice! 

DAY 2: Design Your Wow Life

Plan Tomorrow Today

Planning doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming! You’ll learn the foundational habit for simplifying your daily schedule planning. This daily exercise will not only facilitate your daily schedule success, but settle your ‘work mind’ so that you can live in the moment and fully enjoy your life outside the office. 

Right-Size Your To-Do List

It’s time to get out of the habit of overdoing it! Creating unrealistically long to-do lists only sets you up for feelings of failure, overwhelm, and hopelessness. Together we’ll practice right-sizing your daily tasks into achievable daily portions so that you can make SUCCESS the norm. You’ll also practice leveraging breaks to help you get more done in less time…and with less stress.                                                      

Plan Your Fun First!

Have you ever noticed how productive you are in the days leading up to an exciting trip? You’ll practice scheduling FUN first to motivate yourself to new productive heights. The key is in creating small day-to-day deadlines and using your scheduled fun as hard work cutoff points. Discover how setting constraints can open the door to BIG CREATIVITY, urging you toward creative solutions to getting your work done faster every day. 

DAY 3: Gain WOW Clients

Harness The Magic of WOW Clients

Learn how WOW clients skyrocket the four R’s in your business….results, revenue, raving fans, and referrals. I’ll show you how to work ONLY with the clients that inspire you, resulting in rapid growth and feeling energized in your business every day.

The Client Value Journey

Once you understand the magic of WOW clients, learn how to take them on a profitable journey with you! You’ll learn how to ask the right questions to get to the heart of your WOW client’s needs so you can authentically sell to them, serve them, and create a valuable lifelong customer.

Clear Path To Customers

You know who you want to work with and the journey you want to take them on…but how do you find the right language to gain them as clients or customers? I’ll share my simple, authentic technique for mining the right marketing words – your WOW client’s own words – directly from the source!

Create Your Audio Logo

Let’s replace the old ‘elevator pitch’ with a more potent and attractive message – the audio logo. In this comprehensive writing, refining, sharing, and presentation exercise, I’ll ask you three magic questions. Your answers will make your audio logo come to life…and you won’t believe how easy and fast writing marketing copy can be!

DAY 4: Authentic Sales, Team + Communication

Sales Without Selling

Learn my system for selling without convincing or chasing, based on authentic conversations that build lifelong customer relationships. Experience the ease of selling in a way that actually feels good and efficiently locks in WOW clients. Includes a full Authentic Sales Method Demo…learn it live and teach your sales team!

1 Hour To 6 Figures

We’ll break down my deceptively simple method for creating MORE sales opportunities and new clients in your workflow in just an hour of brief conversations per day. 

I’ll give you my script for conducting authentic client interview calls and show you demos of how it’s done!

Wow Team 

In order to have More Life, we need to have a Wow Team. The saying ‘many hands make light work’ is real, and we need to have the Right Hands. 

Having the right people, in the right position that are aligned with your organization’s core purpose and core values are critical. During this section we will explore ways to simplify this process and gain the insights to implement processes quickly. 

DAY 5: Leaving with a Plan + WOW Life

Discover how to take what you’ve learned over the week and design a specific plan for YOU.. The hands-on exercises during these exercises in this workshop are packed with mindset, motivation, and strategic gold! We’ll be making sure you have a plan for designing your WOW life in real time before you head home…maximizing income and abundance. Leading you to MORE BUSINESS MORE LIFE®.

Private Community – Access for ONLY $100 a month. (On-going)

Information alone doesn’t create results… it takes action! Before & After the event you’ll gain access to the exclusive More Business More Life® Community, designed to give you continued access to Steve and our team. Plus provide accountability, motivation, and support on your journey. We’ll do this TOGETHER!

Inside, You’ll Experience…

* Live Q+A’s Sessions with Steve and our team

Bring your unique business challenges to the table and have your questions answered by Steve and his team. Tune in for live troubleshooting, problem solving, and a monthly motivation boost!

* Networking Gold

Access a premium network of business peers for building valuable relationships and Nurture the connections you forged during the event…or find your next JV partner, team member, accountability buddy, or industry ‘in’!

*Ongoing Support

Steve and his team will also be available to answer your questions and share in your success between the live Q&A calls. All you have to do is stay involved in the community. We will be here to help you implement all you learn!

BONUS! More Business More Life® Community PERKS

As long as you remain current in the More Business More Life® Community you will gain a 50% discount on all our eLearning Programs. This is an amazing opportunity to keep learning with Steve and our team, while having access to us for continued Q&A. This self-guided learning at its best, because you have live access to us for help and guidance. This perk alone can save you tens of thousands over time!

BONUS! Wow Schedule Method

Take MORE BREAKS, while GETTING MORE DONE! Sounds like an oxymoron, yet it works. This 9-module online program will guide you step-by-step to build a process and create a lifelong habit for success… Owning your life! You’ll be able to take control of your schedule and create your desired lifestyle.


Don’t Proceed Until You’ve Answered These…
More Business, More Life is an Incredible Investment, but ONLY If…

1. You Truly Want MORE In Your Life

MBML is all about creating more freedom in your life. Be ready to let go of old patterns and mindsets that don’t serve you…because if you want that freedom, you must have a genuine DESIRE for change! Do you want more or change in your life?

2. You’re Willing To Take Action

No matter what we’ll teach you, it will not benefit you unless you take it to heart and take action. Don’t spend any money on this in-depth training unless you’re ready to commit to yourself and create results! We are committed to your success, but we can’t be more committed to your success than you are. Are you willing to take action?

3. You’re Teachable

If you’re only willing to take action in the ways you’re used to, this program is not for you. You must be open to new systems and ideas and more importantly, be willing to let us guide you. After all, we’re on the tarmac with the guiding lights…but *you* fly the plane. Are you willing to be coachable?

If you answered “yes, I am!” to all three points above, then you’re poised and ready to take full advantage of what More Business More Life® has to offer!


More Business More Life® Event $8,497 value
    • 5 Days of hands-on workshops, group exercises, Q+A, and work sessions
    • Targeted strategies for growing your business, while gaining your LIFE.
    • Mindset and motivation work to ground and energize your life
    • Socially supercharge with face-to-face networking, collaboration, and group exercises
    • Organic meals to restore your body while your mind and spirit takes flight
Exclusive MBML Community Access $12,000+ value
    • Q+A where Steve and his team help you tackle your unique business challenges
    • Support, motivation, and accountability to keep you on track after the event
    • Premium network of business peers for building valuable relationships and connections
Wow Schedule Method $2,997 value

Take MORE BREAKS, while GETTING MORE DONE! Sounds like an oxymoron, yet it works. This 9-module online program will guide you step-by-step to build a process and create a lifelong habit for success… Owning your life! You’ll be able to take control of your schedule and create your desired lifestyle.

Total Value: $23,494+


Steve Napolitan is an award winning marketer, placing in the top ten in Marketing Sherpa’s Most Viral Ad in the World Competition. His past clientele includes Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab and Nestle. He now loves taking all he’s learned to direct his energy on helping successful companies, who’ve reached 1 to 50 million and launch them to the next level of business growth while working significantly less hours to gain their desired lifestyle.  

Recently, he took one client from 42 million to 57 million in 11 months, while they cut work hours in half.  He helped another grow from 4.5 million to 9 million in 18 months, while helping employees earn more than ever, and some bought their first home.

In addition to consulting with clients Steve is a #1 international bestselling author. He has written two books, Capture Clients Close Deals, a simple way to gain clients without convincing or chasing, and 1 Hour a Day to Six Figures, How I went from zero to multiple six figures… and how you can too.

Most importantly, Steve loves spending quality time with his family, helping others, learning new things and traveling.