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Authentic And Effective Sales Strategies
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CEOs, Founders, & Entrepreneurs…

You know better than anyone that the world of business as we know it has changed. Today’s challenges include…

  • Navigating an unpredictable economy and supply chain disruptions
  • Adapting to evolving customer behaviors and preferences
  • Standing out in a crowded marketplace with limited resources
  • Finding and retaining top talent in a competitive job market

The biggest sales challenge today? Customers crave connection, not pitches.

The typical ‘song and dance’ of sales — pitching, preaching, chasing, and convincing — simply doesn’t resonate in a world where trust is everything. It doesn’t feel good to you OR your potential customers. And it isn’t effective. It leads to wasted time, lost leads, and frustration.

"I was literally working from the moment I got up until the moment I just couldn't focus any longer. I was also going from one project, finishing that project and then looking for the next one. It was not sustainable and it made me not really enjoy the work that I had started because I loved it. So the very passion that pulled me into doing that work in the first place was being offset by how hard I was working at it."
Becky Parker Geist
Owner, Pro Audio Voices

If you want your business to thrive, not just survive, your sales approach MUST adapt.

Today I want to offer you the gift of a Clear Path To Customers at a time when generating new business feels harder than ever. 

It’s the same process I used to rebuild my own business in 90 days after I lost nearly everything in the 2008 crisis. And the same strategy my clients are using now to experience their highest sales volumes yet, even in today’s challenging market.

Today, it’s my gift to you.
Receive your FREE Framework and 5 part video training and start transforming your business with Clear Path to Customers!

Clear Path To Customers is a proven 5-step process that allows you to:  

  • Secure more of the clients you truly enjoy working with…and less of the clients you don’t
  • Grow your client and customer base quickly, without pitching or chasing
  • Increase the lifetime value of new customers by forging powerful, authentic relationships
  • Drastically decrease the time and cost of acquiring new customers (perfect for tight ad budgets and busy schedules)

In this FREE framework and 5 part video training, I will give you the simple step-by-step of how to:         

  • Attract ‘Yes’ clients with less effort and time
  • Discover the perfect language — your clients’ OWN words — and turn them into a ‘money message’ for absolutely magnetic marketing
  • Strengthen your brand and make more money by saying ‘no’ to the wrong clients
  • Take the guesswork out of your sales and marketing efforts 
"I felt like I was looking for the answers to help me close more clients and attract the right type of clients and I didn't feel like I was having the results that I wanted. It was stressful. It wasn't exciting and I wasn't hitting the goals that I had for myself and that the company was expecting of me. I was able to get the basic understanding of how to have a 10-minute call which has given me a better closing rate and working with clients that have a better understanding of how our company operates and what our price point structure is so that I'm not wasting as much time with people aren't a good fit with us and it's also given me a better approach to incoming leads."
Cierra Colelli
Holistic Nutritionist, The Soulful Sprout Wellness Clinic


Transform Your Sales Process in 4 Easy Steps:
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The Simple Secret to Explosive Growth

A Message From Steve Napolitan

You might be wondering, “Can a sales process this simple truly be this effective?” The answer is YES, and let me show you how…

Let me share a quick story to show you how the magic of CPTC works…

A chiropractic business (a client of mine) thought their clients wanted pain relief. Makes sense, right?

Most people who see chiropractors dream to live pain-free.

But that’s not what their customers NEEDED to hear.

It wasn’t even what their customers WANTED to hear.
What did they want to hear?

It wasn’t about pain relief. The breakthrough came when we discovered their real frustration was…on-time appointments!

That was it! Because customers hate waiting in the lobby for their appointments. Sure, they still want pain relief. But that’s not what they NEEDED to hear first.

As a result, that company changed their messaging on their billboards (On-time appointments!) and their phone greetings (Hello! You have reached the home of on-time appointments…).


They TRIPLED their business and went on to open MULTIPLE CLINICS.

No matter your business, industry, or experience level, there are ‘magic words’ that will unlock rapid growth. Clear Path to Customers helps you find them. The chiropractor business found the 3 ‘money words’ their customers wanted to hear FIRST. These words cleared the path to more customers!

And you’ll have YOUR magical message soon, too…

The process I share works whether you are a start-up or a seasoned business.
It works whether you’re successfully coasting along or fighting to survive in this economy.

And It works whether you are selling a service, a product, or both!

Clear Path To Customers will see you through this challenging time and beyond it. 

You may be running a business in a different economic climate, but the effectiveness of this process remains the same. Take this gift today and develop authentic sales skills that will serve you for a lifetime!

Choose Gratitude. Create Freedom.


Steve Napolitan is an award winning marketer, placing in the top ten in Marketing Sherpa’s Most Viral Ad in the World Competition. His past clientele includes Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab and Nestle. He now loves taking all he’s learned to direct his energy on helping successful companies, who’ve reached 1 to 50 million and launch them to the next level of business growth while working significantly less hours to gain their desired lifestyle.  

Recently, he took one client from 42 million to 57 million in 11 months, while they cut work hours in half.  He helped another grow from 4.5 million to 9 million in 18 months, while helping employees earn more than ever, and some bought their first home.

In addition to consulting with clients Steve is a #1 international bestselling author. He has written two books, Capture Clients Close Deals, a simple way to gain clients without convincing or chasing, and 1 Hour a Day to Six Figures, How I went from zero to multiple six figures… and how you can too.

Most importantly, Steve loves spending quality time with his family, helping others, learning new things and traveling.