About Steve

Producing award-winning content, Steven Napolitan has been recognized by national media as a pioneer in the new media market.

He’s been known for design campaigns that generate massive amounts of leads that turn into revenue.

Examples are: the viral campaign for TaxBrain.com known as the “Stolen NASCAR,” which reached over 44 million, including 3 million unique visitors to their website in 3 weeks; the social media campaign for the City of Tracy’s AutoMall, “Get More,” which resulted in 800 new car sales in a 10-week period, totaling over $19.2 million in revenue, and garnered 5.9 million impressions on Facebook with an average of 1,600 click-throughs a day to the campaigns promotional website.

Steve has produced hundreds of advertising, marketing campaigns and internal promotions for many companies including Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab and Nestle. He is a brand master, living and breathing brands throughout his work across all media types. He focuses on bridging the gap between a company’s brand and their target markets by providing innovative marketing and communications with measurable effectiveness.

His executive coaching and training has publicly served over 35,000 professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs on their businesses and taught them how to increase marketing/sales, while systemizing business to minimize their effort and maximize their revenue. Steve helps his clients have the lifestyles they deserve.

Steve’s branding and storytelling talent extends to films and television. His last TV Series, Livin Loud, was picked-up by MTV Australia for Primetime broadcast and sold to other territories around the world.

Steve teaches the Client Capture process, to help you grab the attention of your perfect client while leading them to their product or service and increase your clients/customers. The Client Capture process is scalable and customizable allowing for all types of social engagement.

Ultimately, Steve is about people, relationships, and the convergence of vision, focus and teamwork that allows true freedom in life.

Our Core Purpose is to help as many people have the Freedom They Desire.

Our Goals:

To help 1,000 companies work less than 40hrs a week, 
Generate more revenue in less time, and take more holidays.

Core Purpose
Core Values

Our Core Values


Love: Includes everything and everyone.
: Appreciate All results we receive.
Growth: Life is learning
Freedom: Succeeding in achieving our dreams without sacrificing.
Fun: Having joy in all we do.
Together: Everyone achieves more and goes further.

“Allow yourself to dream again. What does your heart desire? Now design your life and build your business or career around that.”

Steve Napolitan