Meet our Team

Steve Napolitan

Author, Speaker, Trainer

Steve Napolitan is a #1 international bestselling author, award-winning marketer, and international speaker. 

He has made millions for his clients and has worked with companies such as Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab, and Nestle. 

Steve went from overworked, stressed out, beyond burnout, working 80+ hour weeks to less than 40hrs now and living the life he dreamed with his wife and children. 

With More Business More Life® Steve typically works with entrepreneurs and C-level executives who have found success, but are not living the life they desire. 

He’s helped his clients reach millions in additional revenue, while helping them design the life they want and live it now. 

Jovanni Godina

Head Success Coach, Speaker

Jovanni Godina is a self educated photographer and entrepreneur. 

Never quite feeling like he belonged in the 9 to-5 world and always feeling like there was something more to life than just working Jovanni took the leap and started his own business.

In his quest for knowledge and learning, he knew that there had to be a better way to do business, a way that thought  about the planet and its inhabitants and not just making money. 

He’s felt the struggles, hardships, countless late nights and the never ending self doubt that plagues most entrepreneurs. With this experience and years of doing things the hard way, Jovanni knows the importance in having someone guiding you. 

He has joined his mentor and coach Steve Napolitan to help build a movement of socially conscious leaders who are thriving in their mission and in their life because with the right person guiding you he knows that at any moment you are just one step away from creating your success.

Melyssa Barrett

Success Coach, Author, Speaker 

Melyssa is an author, creator/host of The Jali Podcast, and CEO of Jali Enterprises.

As a consultant, she works with socially conscious CEOs challenged with the increasing demands of driving growth while keeping a focus on diversity and inclusion.

She helps companies utilize their purpose to amplify their impact and increase business results.

With many roles in her nearly 40-year career in risk and product solutions, diversity champion, and Black Executive Councilmember, she loves to share her Kwanzaa experience by embracing the principles of Kwanzaa every day. 

Melyssa is an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, sponsoring and supporting Employee Resource Groups to amplify the voices of those that are misunderstood and underrepresented in organizations and communities.

She currently sits on the Board of Directors for BALANCE (balancepro.org) and several other local community nonprofit organizations that provide services and advocacy to youth and families.

Stephanie Vedder

Success Coach, Career Marketer 

As a results-oriented marketing professional, Stephanie has always been passionate about helping others achieve their goals for growth. With over 18 years of experience in sales and marketing, Stephanie has achieved the highest honors in her profession and built an extensive portfolio of dedicated WOW Clients. 

Working with Steve and team, Stephanie was able to double her income and build her business around her life in her role as a career marketer.

Even with her success, she was envisioning a life where she could make a greater impact on those she serves while spending even more time in her role as a mom, with even more control of her calendar. More Business AND More Life!

After 5 years of transformation as a client, she now joins the Steve Napolitan team as a Success Coach. Stephanie knows personally the struggles a working mom faces as they strive to build a happy, healthy family while maintaining a successful career.

As someone who is passionate about having both, she didn’t stop until she found a way…. she looks forward to sharing it with you.

Our Core Purpose is to help as many people have the Freedom They Desire.


To help 1,000 companies work less than 40hrs a week, 

Generate more revenue in less time, and take more holidays.


Love: Includes everything and everyone.
: Appreciate All results we receive.
Growth: Life is learning
Freedom: Succeeding in achieving our dreams without sacrificing.
Fun: Having joy in all we do.
Together: Everyone achieves more and goes further.