Transform your sales skills, ditch pitching for good, and close more deals the authentic way in just 4 days.
The Workshop Begins September 17-20, 2020
Win Win Weekend Is Designed For
Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants Who Want To…
  • Exponentially grow their revenue while making a difference in the world
  • Confidently close more sales without pitching, hard-selling, or those pushy/awkward feelings
  • Work exclusively with perfect fit clients that get them excited to wake up and serve every day
  • Have FUN with sales and build authentic, long-lasting relationships in the process
  • Not only want to survive the current economy, but thrive in it

See What’s In Store For
Win Win Weekend

Daily Workshop Summary

This isn’t your average business event with multiple speakers dishing a variety of surface-level concepts. Win Win Weekend is a focused, full-on training event complete with lessons, exercises, live feedback, and Q+A sessions designed to build your skills in the room.

Layer your knowledge each day and leave practiced, prepared and confident — ready to start putting your new authentic sales skills to work immediately.

Create Instant Rapport

What is rapport? Traditional sales teachings suggest that it’s all about finding out if your lead has kids or likes fishing — but creating REAL rapport means so much more. Discover how to create an instant bond that puts your potential clients at ease and sets the stage for a profitable relationship.

During this foundational first day, you’ll learn…

  • The building blocks of rapport and its role in conversion, lifetime customer value, and identifying perfect-match clients.
  • How to instantly create real connection, vulnerability, and trust.
  • That viewing potential clients as people — not leads or dollar signs — is the key to authentic sales conversations
  • How to get to the heart of what a person needs in minutes so you can serve them at the highest level
The Sales Conversation In Six Simple Steps

Once you’ve mastered the art of creating instant rapport, it’s time to make sense of the sales conversation. We’ll break it down into six simple steps that increase your chance of identifying a client match and turning that compatibility into a YES at the point of sale.

This 6 Step Process Will Show You How To…

  • Generate curiosity and gradually transform it into certainty over the course of the conversation
  • Tap into a person’s challenges, frustrations, hopes, and desires with perfect efficiency
  • Ask, listen, and repeat back…instead of explaining until their eyes glaze over
  • Create genuine urgency that fosters a quick decision (whether it be yes or no) so you can say goodbye to sales interactions that lead nowhere.
Discover The Deep Questions That Matter Most

Your business’s purpose is to help someone solve a problem or achieve their goals. So how do you know if your unique solution matches their unique needs? The answer is deeper questions! The ones you’ll learn align with all six stages of the sales conversation and the rapport building strategies you learned on days one and two.

You’ll Learn The Powerful Questions That…

  • Surpass surface-level relating and get to the heart of a person’s deepest needs fast.
  • Reveal whether or not a person is a perfect match client for your business
  • Collapse the sales timeline so you can efficiently make deals in hours (instead of weeks or months)
  • Free you from ever having to pitch or guess at what a potential client wants ever again
How To Make Win-Win Deals And Close Them Fast

Win-Win is all about only closing sales when they’re valuable to both the business owner and the client. On the final day we’ll bring it all together and talk about what to do when you’ve made it to the point of sale. Make ‘closing nerves’ a thing of the past with the powerful mindset shifts you’ll gain in this finale!

Complete Your Skillset With Training On How To…

  • Customize your offers to make the highest value deal for their unique needs
  • Close win-win deals with confidence, genuine connection, and ease
  • Overcome objections and common sales roadblocks the authentic, pressure-free way
  • Gracefully redirect ‘bad match’ leads to other service providers more equipped to help them…and foster happy referral networks!

Testimonials from WIN WIN Weekend

“Since I actually started working with Steve I doubled my business and set another goal to double it again!”


“This has allowed me to bring my gifts to more and more people.”


“The way that it’s structured there are so many cool activities there’s actually space for participants to integrate it into their own lives, into our own heads and our hearts.”


“I actually can’t wait until Monday to start working on this!”


“I’ve just progressed with my business to a level that is crazy. There is no way I would be where I am now without the help from Steve.”


“It’s really a question about finding out what they need and how I can serve them or not serve them, and if I can’t serve them, that’s ok.”


Why now is the best time
to learn the Win-Win Way

Generating revenue is more important than ever in today’s economic climate, yet traditional hard-sales tactics send customers running in recessions.

Why? Because no one likes to be chased or convinced when they’re already stressed.

Win-Win Weekend teaches you an authentic alternative.
Your objective is no longer to pitch or force a sale into existence.
You simply ask the right questions, listen, and see if and how you can help.

And when you do this…sales happen naturally, quickly, and often.

That can mean the quick revenue you need to keep your business afloat in hard times… or a surge that helps you grow your team, create new jobs, and scale to new heights.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner in business, Win-Win will help you launch to success.

We’ve had attendees with zero sales experience that are now doubling, even tripling their income with the skills they learned.

Win-Win Weekend is more than a powerful investment in your business during hard economic times. It’s an investment in the impact you can make.

When you can sell, you can continue serving and creating change.
It’s time to step into your abundance!
This is your invitation…

Join us September 17-20 to recession-proof your business for now and for life!

Meet Your Host: Steve Napolitan

Steve Napolitan is an award winning marketer, placing in the top ten in Marketing Sherpa’s Most Viral Ad in the World Competition. His clientele includes Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab and Nestle, as well as small to mid-sized companies. 

Recently, he took one client from 250k to 2 million.  He helped another shoot from 5 million to 9 million in just the last 18 months. A Billion dollar company reached out to him because they were about to shut down one of its divisions due to a six figure monthly loss. Steve turned that department around to generate over 63 million in annual revenues… And gaining! 

In addition to consulting with clients Steve is a #1 international bestselling author. He has written two books, Capture Clients Close Deals, a simple way to gain clients without convincing or chasing, and 1 Hour a Day to Six Figures, How I went from zero to multiple six figures… and how you can too.