1 on 1

Are you not sure what to do next,
or maybe you’re tired of having to figure things out on your own?

Time is one of the most valuable things in our life, so building with only a trial & error model is not the best solution. Believe me I know…

The first half of my business career I worked hard to figure it out on my own and it was a struggle. Even though I was able to grow my business, I found myself working harder and harder… the exact opposite of why a became on entrepreneur in the first place.

Finally, without my own conscious intention, I was introduced to my mentor and realized quickly that I was so caught up in running my business that I was missing the time and thoughts to actually design and build my business for success while gaining the lifestyle I wanted.

So often I meet business owners, who designed their business to give the best to their customers, while neglecting their own lives. Your life and business go hand-in-hand. If life is good, business tends to be good. If business is bad, life tends to be bad and vise versa. You have to design both at the same time to have the life and business your really want.

Having consulted Fortune 500 companies and built my own businesses, I’ve noticed for new ideas, great results and improving my lifestyle, outside perspective from an expert, tremendously accelerates results.

I work with business owners, C-level executives and directors. If you want help with your business and life, I can provide a 90-minute Strategy Session for $5,000, where I’ll assess your current state of affairs and where you’d like to go, then I’ll use all of my experience, expertise and networks to direct you toward overcoming problems and improve plans. It’s all about getting your business results.

After our Strategy Session, if we both find that we can work together further, I will discuss the options to fit your business’s needs.

I’ll also help remove the risk for you, if at any point in the first 20 minutes, you do not feel you’re getting value, you can just tell me, we can stop and the consultation will be free.

Schedule a 10-minute call to see if it’s a fit for you…