April 23

Design A Life For You – MBML EP19

Entrepreneurship is largely seen as a money-motivated endeavor. But in the process of seeking money or prestigious positions, it’s easy to forget the REAL reason why […]
April 22

Is It Really “No Pain, No Gain”? – MBML EP18

I used to subscribe to the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality for growing my business. Today I’ll share how I overcame that belief and started developing […]
April 21

There Is Always Another Way – MBML EP17

How do we get past the roadblocks we face? It all depends on how we decide to navigate them! Today I want to pose the question, […]
April 21

Passion Makes Your Business Better – MBML Podcast EP3

What if we let our passions and hobbies shape the way we run our businesses? And why is it that most entrepreneurs treat life and business […]
April 20

Redefine Failure As Feedback – MBML EP16

Failure is what you make of it! For some, it’s a cue to abandon goals, dwell on negative feelings, and get stuck in suspended animation. For […]
April 17

WOW Clients Ramp Up Referrals – MBML EP15

I attribute the magic of wow clients to the four ‘R’s’ they bring to your business: results, revenue, raving fans, and referrals. We discussed the first […]
April 16

Turn WOW Clients To Raving Fans – MBML EP14

In the past two videos, I covered how wow clients can generate WOW results and revenue. Today, we’ll dive into how the right clients can generate […]
April 15

Wow Clients Increase Revenue – MBML EP13

Have you ever calculated what your ‘ow’ clients have really cost you? Between the extra hours spent on the phone, miscommunications, frustration, and spent mental energy…it’s […]