June 20

Work Less, Achieve More – MBML Podcast EP66

In this episode, we're going to talk about how we can actually work less hours and have more achievement so we can take more life breaks and enjoy more of our life.
June 13

What Happens When You Fire Your Clients? – MBML Podcast EP65

Have you ever had a client that made you excited to get up and start work each day? A project that perfectly lent itself to your zone of genius? That’s what we call a ‘wow client’. In this episode, we're going to talk about the magic of WOW clients and how they can bring four R's into our lives: results, revenue, raving fans, and referrals. Let's dive in.
June 6

Expanding Our Growth Mindset – MBML Podcast EP64

Growth is a natural part of life. Learning happens even when we don't think it's happening. There's so many aspects of growth and learning that we can talk about. And so in this episode, we're going to expand our discussion about growth. How can we take the little things, the big things, the ugly things, the fun things in our life, and turn that into the mindset of growth that actually allows us to transcend to the next parts of our life? Let's discuss.
May 30

Creating The Freedom You Want – MBML Podcast EP63

Freedom can mean many things to different people. For a lot of us, it's about having control over our time and schedule. We want to gain time, and we want to have more time. But what is time when we don't have energy. We need more time to have more present moments in our life. And we need more energy to live in those present moments. What are the simple things that we can do right now, so we can start having both more business and more life? Let's dive in.
May 24

The Choices That Define Us – MBML Podcast EP62

Over the last 6 episodes, we've talked about our core values: love, gratitude, growth, freedom, fun, and together. In this episode, we're going to talk about making them all come together through choice. Life is all about choices. How do we choose to let that come into our life? How do we choose the change that we want in our life right now? Let's discuss.
May 16

Let’s Talk About: TOGETHER – MBML Podcast EP61

There's an African proverb that says: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Many hands make light work and in this episode, we'll dive into our last core value: TOGETHER.
May 9

Let’s Talk About: FUN – MBML Podcast EP60

In this episode, we're going to talk about fun. Just imagine how bland life would be without it! For us, fun is about having joy in ALL we do. Yes, even the things we may not initially want to do. How do we enjoy all the things that we do in our life? How can we infuse more joy into the aspects of our daily lives? Let's discuss.
May 2

Let’s Talk About: FREEDOM – MBML Podcast EP59

In this episode, we're moving on to our next core value: GROWTH. All life is learning. It is within our nature to grow. There's growth when we make progress, when we learn from our mistakes, when we learn from others. The potential for growth is limitless.
August 12

More Business More Life TV With Lester Morales EP86

Prosperity means more than money! What do you have to gain when you factor your freedom and wellness into your business success? Today Lester Morales of […]
August 5

More Business More Life TV Becky Parker Geist EP85

How can you QUADRUPLE your business, close the biggest deal of your career, create jobs, and book yourself full with clients you love during an economic […]