October 31

Design Your Life Plan – MBML Podcast EP85

Without a plan, things could get off track easily. And this is what we often miss out on... we set out goals to have the life we want but we don't create a plan on how to achieve it. In this episode, we're going to talk about designing a life plan. How do we start having more business and more life? What steps can we take to start living the life we want? All of that and more. Let's dive in.
October 24

How Much Is Your Value? – MBML Podcast EP84

We're always looking at the price point for everything, whether it's a product or a service that we give out or receive. In this episode of More Business More Life podcast, we're going to talk about putting value to yourself. It's something that maybe a lot of people don't like talking about. Are we putting the right value? Are we undervaluing ourselves? What are the factors that we should take into account when we charge for our products or services? Do we have imposter syndrome? How do we move past that so we can fully step into the value that we bring to other people and the marketplace and fully embrace our full value? Let's dive in.
October 17

Embracing Our Differences – MBML Podcast EP83

When we talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion, it is not just about social responsibility. When we foster it right, it becomes an effective strategic imperative for businesses that will lead not only to more business and more professional growth and community benefits, but also a sense of personal fulfillment. In a perfect world, embracing our differences would enable us to collectively harness each of our unique potential and skills, making everything peaceful, productive, balanced, and innovative. How can we create the life we want and at the same time take some action and make an impact in our communities? Let's dive in.
October 11

Having The Right Mentor – MBML Podcast EP82

We've always had mentors in some shape or form. They can be our elders, parents, friends, colleagues, public figures, even a stranger. Having the right mentor makes the difference. Oftentimes, we are so caught in running our businesses, we don’t have the space in our mind to work on our business. Having the right second pair of eyes will open up the thoughts, creativity and wisdom you need to make the small shift to have success. How can we find the right mentor? Do we really have to find one? All of that and more about mentorship in this week's episode. Let's dive in.
October 5

Doing Business To Do Good – MBML Podcast EP81

Running a company doesn't have to be all about profit. We all want to have the opportunity to do good. Your business has the power to make a difference. How can we use our businesses to help make our planet a better place for all people, and make sure that we have a meal, and a shelter so we can take care of our family at the same time. Let's dive in.
September 26

One Thing To Win – MBML Podcast EP80

We've had several discussions about how we can get more energy and how we can better take care of ourselves so that we can invest that energy in a good way over the past few episodes. If you've already filled your cup up, what do you get to do with it? In this episode of the More Business More Life podcast, we're going to talk about our One Thing To Win: how can we best utilize this energy so that we can go do the good work that we want to do on this planet? Let's dive in.
September 21

How Do You Show Up For Yourself? – MBML Podcast EP79

For many of us, self care is like one of the first things that we cut out or cut back on. It's easy for us to say we have to work harder and sacrifice more so we can give to our family, our loved ones, or make sure that we live up to our expectations in our job, or the work that we're doing, or the company that we're building. Putting yourself first might sound selfish, but ultimately, you end up being able to give more. How do we show up for ourselves? What's life like when we put ourselves first, and really take care of ourselves? Let's talk about that and more.
September 13

Why Mindset & Healing Come First – MBML Podcast EP78

Asking for help is not the easiest thing to do. Acknowledging that we have certain needs is already hard enough; admitting we're having a hard time can be even more daunting. There's also this definite belief that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Others feel like they're being a nuisance when they do ask. And some people don't ask for help out of fear of being rejected or shunned. But everyone needs help sometimes. So how do we ask for help? When do we ask for help? How do we give help? All of that and more in this new episode of More Business More Life podcast. Let's jump in.
December 9

Designing Your Freedom Schedule – MBML EP146

What’s the first step to scheduling your freedom and designing your life? Asking QUESTIONS! In today’s clip, Jovanni Godina and I explore the essential questions that […]
December 8

Starting With Your Why – MBML EP145

Has your career path been PAINFUL? Drop the no pain no gain mentality – in today’s episode we’ll explore how pain is more often an indicator […]
December 4

We Are What We Eat – MBML EP144

How often have you grabbed for unhealthy food choices out of necessity? It’s a big struggle for busy business owners, so in today’s clip permaculture buff […]
December 3

What Can A Team Do For You? – MBML EP143

What does having a good team do for you? In today’s clip, Jeff Gross shares how expanding his construction company team gave him the freedom to […]
December 2

Don’t Be Afraid To Invest In Yourself – MBML EP142

Can coaches and mentors help you make more money? Absolutely! But have you considered all of the other amazing things they can do for you personally […]
December 1

Challenging Your Own Belief System – MBML EP141

Jeff Gross was once struggling to make ends meet despite wearing all the hats in his construction business and working endless hours. In today’s clip, we […]
November 27

Celebrating Love And Gratitude – MBML EP140

COVID has spurred many to forego in-person family time for the holidays. So how do we celebrate our love and gratitude for each other when circumstances […]
November 26

Living in Your Essence And Taking Back Your Power – MBML EP139

The first step to connecting with gratitude is SLOWING DOWN, because gratitude lives in the present! There’s a reason the present is called such…it’s a gift. […]
November 25

When It’s Hard To Be Thankful… – MBML EP138

It’s easy to be centered in gratitude when life is going well, but how do you maintain a daily practice when times are tough? When we […]